Trolex - Gas Monitoring and Safety Monitoring Solutions

Market leading manufacturers of gas monitoring equipment, environmental monitoring systems and sensors, for safety monitoring solutions you can rely on in the world's most demanding environments.

Where safety is critical

The gas detection systems and other products and solutions developed by Trolex are relied upon all over the world. They are intrinsically safe, carry a range of independent accreditations and remain constantly at the forefront of safety and condition monitoring innovations. For over half a century, Trolex has designed, manufactured, installed and maintained gas detection and safety monitoring systems for some of the world's biggest names and most hazardous environments.

Trolex specialises in bespoke environmental monitoring systems, which include gas detection and air and gas flow sensors. Meanwhile our machine condition monitoring systems use a range of temperature, pressure and vibration sensors to warn of faulty or deteriorating machinery conditions. Put simply, our safety monitoring products protect lives, valuable machinery, your business and your reputation.

Trolex environmental monitoring systems are tailored to your needs, and can be adapted at a later date thanks to their innovative modular design. The interchangeable sensors all interact and are programmed from a simple central interface, to provide a comprehensive and intelligent overview of your environment.

Our decades of collaboration with the tunnelling, rail, mining and gas recovery industries means we've developed an in-depth understanding of how to combine safety with commercial needs. Trolex safety monitoring systems will streamline operations and improve performance, and are designed to enable simple installation and minimal downtime, all of which helps reduce your costs.

Whatever your needs, Trolex delivers quality solutions that can be depended on to protect lives and livelihoods. From the project's first inception to installation and commissioning, right through to after care and maintenance, you can count on our support too.

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