10 reasons why you should be working with Trolex

As well as being highly successful, one of the core objectives is that we want the experience of working at Trolex to be an enjoying and fulfilling one. 

The Trolex '10 Reasons Why' charter defines who we are and our ambitions for the company and our employees. We believe this determination to be the best is what makes us different.

Our 10 Reasons Why:

  1. We are very, very ambitious and we can help you to achieve your ambitions

  2. We're aiming to be the best company to work for in the UK

  3. We support people and make the most of their potential through training, mentoring, opportunity and responsibility

  4. We measure success by how happy people are, how satisfied they are with their jobs, as well as through financial commercial success

  5. We like to objectively and critically measure our progress towards our goals

  6. We are looking for entrepreneurs with specialist skills but general abilities -in every department of the business

  7. We care as much about your ability to communicate, co-operate and deliver than we do about your knowledge, skills and experience. We value emotional intelligence, focus and a willingness to learn

  8. We are non-hierarchical in our approach. You need to be as well

  9. We are plain speaking, open, optimistic, supportive, honest and fiercely independent. We don't like lone wolves, negative people or closed minds

  10. We like to win

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