Air XD: A Dust Monitor That Can Handle Dust


Air XD sets the standard for dust monitors around the world – it’s the first of its kind that retains a high level of accuracy and reliability, even in heavy dust concentrations - typically, around 10 times higher than any competitor model (up to 1500mg/m3). 

The open-path, brushed stainless steel duct assembly of Air XD has no surfaces on which dust can gather, allowing free flow of air through the unit and enabling Air XD to function in heavy dust loads. No pump, pre-filtering or internal filter means Air XD detects the real content of particulates in the space, giving accurate and reliable readings as dust concentrations change.  

Multi-parameter detection points and wide scatter-zone chamber allows Air XD to monitor every particle flowing through the unit – giving comprehensive full spectrum readings at all times. The advanced algorithm of the unit processes 10,000 particulates/second - providing real-time, highly accurate information to save lives and improve efficiency in business processes. 

Businesses that most need highly accurate particulate monitoring data – i.e. those generating heavy dust concentrations and with complex dust mixtures, have been constrained by a lack of effective technology to provide the data they need to protect their workforce. Most dust monitors on the market today can only handle up to 150mg/m3 of dust in the atmosphere – that’s equivalent to 4 teaspoons of flour spread across an entire soccer pitch. 

Without this information businesses run the risk not only of causing harm to their employees, but also of opening themselves up to litigation claims and fines and penalties from compliance bodies.  

The arrival of the Air XD from Trolex - the result of 7 years of research and development aimed at creating a dust monitor that can really handle heavy dust loads – means that businesses can now take the right steps to protect their workers and themselves, allowing everyone to breathe a little easier.   

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