About Trolex

Welcome to Trolex Ltd, a leading global supplier of gas and dust detection, connector solutions and safety and infotainment systems to the mining, industrial and transportation sectors.

Our products are deployed in over 100 countries by some of the world's leading corporations to protect their people and assets, maximize efficiency and improve the experience of workers and passengers. We offer the latest in wireless gas and dust detection technology, on-board Wifi and Ex d connectors and provide fully engineered solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


What are we trying to achieve?

Trolex is a unique company with a distinctive culture and we aim to be the best in everything that we do. We are serious about remaining independent and being different, and are committed to achieving the very highest standards of business practice and delivering the best in quality and value for our customers.

We regularly review our performance against our own charter commitments and develop action-plans to ensure that we constantly improve and develop – bringing benefits to our customers, our employees, our partners, our community and those who's lives and livelihoods are entrusted to our products and services.

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Our Innovations

Trolex is a company that has innovation at its heart. We innovate to save lives, save money and to make life better for our customers and the people they employ. Here are a few examples of our world-class innovations, and the benefits they bring:

  • We have recently introduced the world's first totally wireless underground gas detection system that is revolutionising the deployment and functionality of safety systems in mines and tunnels.
  • Our new dust monitors are the first to accurately monitor real-time dust levels in harsh environments without the need for filters and pumps. We believe that 1/2 million deaths a year globally, from work-related dust inhalation is an unnaceptable statistic and we are working with a number of partners in the drive to reduce this number and eventually eradicate it.
  • Our eModule technology allows calibration of gas sensors to take place in 1/5th of the time of standard gas detector calibration routines, providing massive savings to our customers and changing the way gas detection service and maintenance is carried out.
  • Trolex GasHawk is a 1-6 gas personal gas detector is the first product of its type to incorporate inductive charging technology and to incorporate wireless tracking capability. Workers can now be protected and located in a single portable unit, wirelessly and in real time.
  • Our Juxta Infotainment system is the world's only fully portable on-board Wifi and Entertainment system for the transportation industry, providing a full range of hardware, software, content and support services for buses and trains.

Many more innovations are in the pipeline, including the world's first real-time silica monitor and the latest in connected conveyor control.


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"It is the people that provide success to any organisation, and Trolex has a wealth of extremely talented individuals throughout the whole of the business. Unrivalled commitment to their work yet really friendly and approachable. I have had tremendous help from so many of them since I came to work here. I have joined the company at a most exciting time as it embarks on ambitious plans for the future. The work is diverse with many different elements to it and I am thoroughly enjoying the whole new experience."

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