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Breathe Software for Air XD is an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-access data capture and analytics platform for storing, viewing and accessing all of your particulate data. Designed to provide you with complete control of your instruments and the data they produce, Breathe Software is an essential tool in the monitoring and management of particulates in your facility.

Available for PC, Mac and Linux.


Breathe Dashboard

Your Breathe dashboard provides you with instant access to information on every Air XD on your network, showing you the number of devices present, custom alarm set-points and any alarms that have been triggered from the linked devices, as well as an easy data import tab for reviewing data that has been locally downloaded from remote Air XD instruments.





Live Data and Fleet Management

Breathe can connect and store live data from up to 10 Air XDs, showing up to 5 default PM values simultaneously, or any set of bespoke values that you choose to monitor. Fleet management is straightforward – alarm set-points, event logging, device set-up, parameter management and GIS/location mapping for units can all be accessed and controlled from your PC, wherever you are.

Live Data




Data Analysis

Accessing data over time, both in terms of the PM size distribution of particulates in your facility and the mass concentration (Mg/M3) present is critical to safeguarding your workforce and ensuring your business remains efficient as well as compliant and protected. Air XD stores data across the full spectrum of respirable particulates including PM 1.0, 2.5, 4.25, 10 and TSP and allows you to access all of this information with selectable time-frames and averages. Deep diving into alarm situations and event-logging during incidents or process changes allows you to identify critical safety factors and to develop rapid process improvements.

Data Analysis


Breathe software is provided free for 1 month with every Air XD Purchase. Speak to your Trolex sales representative for more details.




The latest Breathe software updates are available below:

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