Air XD: Providing Rapid ROI For Businesses 


The Air XD Dust Monitor’s primary purpose is to protect workers in hazardous industries from harmful particulates, however the incredibly accurate, real-time data provided by the units can also provide a rapid ROI for businesses in addition to saving lives and reducing the risks of illnesses and disease. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to think seriously about the air we breathe and our respiratory health. Sales of particulate monitoring equipment are reportedly set to surge twofold by 2029 and businesses with particulate monitoring concerns are likely to come under increasing pressure to ensure their workforce are protected from harm - and whilst some may view this as a necessary cost, the smarter businesses out there will understand that it is also an opportunity to save money and improve efficiency.  

Air XD’s real-time, simultaneous, full-spectrum dust monitoring and instantaneous alert capabilities can provide a clear and significant ROI for many businesses that choose to implement it into their processes.  

Real-time monitoring and instant alerts allow Air XD’s user take immediate action when leakages or process inefficiencies occur, or when dangerous particulates present in their environment. Loss of product, increased downtime and process blockages can all be avoided by responding rapidly with highly accurate information and many businesses have recouped their investment in dust monitoring in just a few weeks or months through these process improvements.  

Air XD’s ability to simultaneously report across an extensive, range of particulate sizes from 0.38µm-40µm provides more detail than any other particulate monitor has done before; delivering accurate, credible recommendations to improve your processes. Application of this data to dust suppression, dust extraction and LEV systems can create further savings and process improvements by creating a smart dust control strategy that only deploys these measures and required the wearing of protective equipment when and where harmful particulates are present.  

 The financial risks involved in not monitoring for harmful particulates, or maintaining the use of older technology include litigation claims, inability to detect product loss through leakages in good timeinefficient usage of expensive dust suppression methods, unnecessary expenditure on RPE, loss of productivity through time-weighted-average precautions, and unplanned downtime instances. Any one of these could be financially crippling to business. The Air XD can help to solve all of these issues.