Juxta relocates to Denmark HQ following Trolex separation

Sep 24, 2018 3:06:21 PM

Woman using tablet on public transport

Juxta, a suite of innovative on-board digital technology solutions for transportation companies, has moved to a new Denmark office after separating from the Trolex group.

The on-board digital suite, which helps companies transform passenger experiences, generate new revenue and reduce data costs, will continue to operate under the Trolex|Aporta name, but is no longer associated with the Stockport based Trolex group.



All Juxta enquiries should now be directed to the companies new Denmark office via the following contact details:

Address: Østerfælled Torv 10, 2. København Ø, Denmark 2100

Tel: +45 (0)71436940

Email: vikram.kumar@trolex.com



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