Trolex supports JMS in underground mine planning

Apr 20, 2016 11:34:00 AM

Kolkata, India - JMS Mining Services Pvt. Ltd. of West Bengal, India is using the Trolex RRTX Remote-Reading Telltale System and Strain Gauged bolts to support critical mine planning work.

JMS CEO Dilip Kumar Sharma reported “JMS are using Remote Reading Telltales and Strain Gauged bolts to achieve our basic principle of underground mine planning, principally using 'design by measurement'. These instruments generate the relevant information regarding the efficacy of the Roof Support system. Subsequently, we are able to optimise the support system on the basis of these instruments.”

Trolex RMT Business Manager John Toplis commented “It is very encouraging to hear that mining operations in India continue to benefit from using Trolex instrumentation as part of a ‘design by measurement’ approach. In tough economic times generally for mining worldwide it has become more important than ever to mine as efficiently as possible, improving productivity rates safely while keeping costs to a minimum.“

Trolex RMT has more than 20 years’ experience in the development of a wide range of design and safety monitoring instrumentation specifically for safe optimisation of underground mines when used as part of an appropriate Strata control management plan.

Independent reports have shown that a return on investment within two months of equipment ownership is possible when using Trolex RMT equipment.

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