Trolex welcomes new Brand Integrity and Mechanical Design Engineer

Sep 1, 2016 11:42:00 AM

A Product Design Consultant with a comprehensive and adaptive skill set, demonstrated through successful product delivery within medical, military, fire and rescue, mining and consumer markets.

Trolex pride themselves on the development and supply of rapid-deployment, highly flexible, easy to use safety monitoring, and efficiency systems in safety critical industries such as mining, tunnelling, offshore and transportation. Across all of these industries the company is increasingly committed to improving the quality of its design, such that the easy-to-use, attractive and rugged designs regularly used in everyday household products, is increasingly being applied to the company’s own product range of industrial components. 

“Persuasion, in the form of logos, PR campaigns, and an ever-broadening array of activities known as ‘branding’, has attained the status of ‘necessary evil’ in certain quarters. However hard we might struggle with the discipline of persuasion, design has always benefited from the in-built integrity of expressing functional excellence. At Trolex we are committed to bringing the two disciplines – brand and function – together in a very powerful way" says Glyn Pierce-Jones, Managing Director of Trolex Group. 

Kyle has a First Class Industrial and Product Design Honours Degree from Loughborough University. We welcome Kyle on board and looking forward to the future projects we will be working on. 

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