Category: Case Study
Industry: Hazardous Industrial

Brighton and Hove Waste Water Treatment Works

Costain has specified Trolex to supply 13 Sentro 8 SensorStations, complete with global alarm pushbuttons, for use during the construction of the Brighton and Hove Waste Water Treatment Works 2.44 mØ supply tunnels.

The project uses 13 Sentro 8 SensorStations, each with 3 eModules monitoring H2S, CH4 and O2, and 3 4...20mA rModules. There are 2 spare channels in each of the Sentro 8’s for future extension of the system if required. Along with the Sentro 8’s, 13 CO2 Infrared Gas Detectors and 6 Air Flow Sensors are also used. All the information from these products is displayed on a PC and SCADA system in the control room.

The Sentro 8’s are fitted onto the TBMs to monitor their performance and condition and within the tunnel to ensure the environment is suitable for the personnel working in the tunnels.

Trolex were chosen as the supplier because of the ease of use and maintenance of the Sentro 8 and the long-standing relationship between the two companies.