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Industry: Rail
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Trolex supplied a system to provide environmental monitoring during the construction phase of the C510 Crossrail project. There are two sites (Finsbury and Whitechapel).

33 Environmental Monitoring Systems were installed in total with 2 SCADA systems, one at each site to be able to review underground environmental monitoring at above ground stations. The gases being monitored were:

  • Oxygen
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Methane
  • Carbon Monoxide

Each environmental monitoring station is fitted with a global alarm button which allows emergency situations to be quickly communicated to other stations and also the above ground SCADA monitoring system. Alarm setpoints are in line with BS6164:2011. There is also a Traffic Light facility included. If any gas station in the system goes into an alarm condition then the station closest to the pit bottom changes the Traffic Lights to warn of potential dangers in the tunnel before human entry. All commissioning of the sensors and panels, maintenance contract and full training on the system were also supplied.

Products Used

The Environmental Monitoring Stations are mounted in stainless steel hoods and consist of the Sentro 8 SensorStation, a battery back-up unit (P9000.223.01) and A/V alarm, all with communications to the surface SCADA system.  Each system has a global alarm button, which can communicate to the other stations, as well as the SCADA/HMI system (TX9503).  The system is housed in a stainless steel mounting hood (P9000.164) (580 x 400 x 150 mm).

The Sentro 8 is ready to be configured to meet any combination of gas detection and environmental condition monitoring requirements. In this Crossrail C510 section, they were configured to sense for 5 different gases at set ranges.

The fully integrated Sentro 8 SensorStation with intelligent, interchangeable sensing modules can simultaneously monitor the concentration of up to eight different gases or be combined with a choice of remote connected sensors measuring temperature, level, pressure, vibration, speed, proximity and air velocity, in any combination. It also offers a number of through-life savings and benefits and will easily incorporate any future system upgrade into its existing architecture. 

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