Our 10-Point Charter

The Trolex 10-point charter defines who we are and our ambitions for the company and our employees.

We meet 4 times a year to discuss progress against our charter points and to create actions for improvement. Each charter point has an internal champion who is responsible for developing and delivering 90-day commitments that ensure a constant drive to improve.

We believe this determination to be the best is what makes us different.

Our Charter:

  1. To provide the global mining, rail and heavy industries with products and solutions of rigorous safety integrity, in order to protect their personnel, improve their operational efficiency and preserve their valuable assets. To recognise that we are in the business of saving lives and increasing efficiency and to always be mindful of this

  2. To bring together groups of positive, inspirational and knowledgeable leaders and teams so that our staff are motivated and inspired, and our customers and stakeholders always receive the highest standards of service and support, and the very best solutions to their needs

  3. To improve the world with new ideas and through the constant introduction of innovative technology, processes and systems. To take the cutting edge and turn it into real premium products and services

  4. To seek out, develop and create quality partnerships and relationships with organisations that share our high standards and values, and who are the leaders in our industry and markets

  5. To effectively communicate with each other and with the outside world and to do it with style and flair

  6. To ensure that every member of the organisation understands our company strategy, how we intend to achieve it, and what their contribution should be

  7. To ensure that every person is able to share in our success through improved remuneration and a better work life. To enjoy the experience of working at Trolex and to improve people’s lives

  8. To be the market leaders in manufacturing and delivery of product, exceeding the performance of our competitors and setting new standards in quality and service. To achieve total precision in the delivery of the technical platform that is the foundation of our existence ? 100% precise, correct and comprehensive technical information, 100% precise, correct and comprehensive product, service and technical support

  9. To be environmentally responsible and socially responsible. To maintain high standards of business ethics and honesty in all our activities

  10. To constantly expand and improve; to be a stable and profitable organisation free from the influence of external shareholders


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"I enjoy working at Trolex because it presents a diversity of challenges, and allows each individual to develop and demonstrate a wide variety of skills."

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