...and breathe.


The next generation of dust monitors have arrived.


Seven years ago, we set out to solve the biggest health challenge in industrial workplaces – how to accurately and continuously monitor airborne respirable particulates such as coal, silica dust and construction dusts even when heavy loads are present.

The result?

The Air XD – the world’s first and only open-path, full-spectrum, highly accurate real-time dust monitor that can operate successfully in a wide variety of harsh and hazardous industrial locations.

With no filters and no pump, Air XD is 5 times more accurate than pre-existing dust detection technology, and capable of dealing with 10 times the dust loading. And with a typical maintenance cycle of 6-12 months, you can relax knowing you’re providing the most robust and comprehensive particulate monitoring for your business and employees without the high costs and hassle associated with older dust monitor models.

So everyone can breathe a little easier. 


The Air XD Range


Air XD Dust Monitor

The next-generation particulate monitor. A real-time highly accurate, full spectrum dust monitor capable of handling dust loads of up to 1500mg/m3

(that’s a lot!)


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Breathe Software

Discover a clear, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-access software platform for storing, viewing and accessing all of your particulate monitoring data.


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Transportable Pack

Convert the Air XD dust monitor into a transportable unit with this lightweight pack, giving 24-hours a day uninterrupted power.


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Compliance Pack

Everything you need to clean, service, audit, calibrate and QA verify your Air XD particulate monitor in-situ, in a single easy-to-use pack.

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Extended Warranty

Looking for a longer warranty for your dust monitor? Extend your Air XD warranty period from 1 year to 3 years here.

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usefulInfo THUMB

Useful Info

A treasure chest of resources, information, and guides on particulates, legislation, dust monitoring and control, and how to stay safe at work.


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CaseStudies Thumb

Case Studies

Find out about some of the challenges we’ve faced with Air XD and how we’ve overcome them to provide clear ROIs and improved safety for our customers.


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Get the latest information on particulate monitoring and learn about how to improve your processes, save money and save lives by deploying the latest in dust control techniques.


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All of our latest videos supporting the Air XD range and giving you instant access to ‘how to’ guides and other useful information


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Press Releases

Get the latest news, podcasts and press information about Trolex, the Air XD range and our coverage in the national and international news.


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