Whether it is the petrochemicals, mining, automotive or construction industry, every organisation is continually focused on improving efficiency and making effective use of financial resources. Regulations are also frequently evolving with a growing shift towards tracking individual employee well-being. Looking to reduce mining risks, minimise downtime and significantly boost productivity all while achieving a fast Return on Investment (ROI)? Adding intelligent remote monitoring to pre-existing real-time strata control monitoring infrastructures can help you attain this. How exactly?

Rock falls are one of the major contributors to fatal and serious accident in underground mines, and despite the widespread use of instrumentation to monitor ground movement and support performance, they still occur regularly in mines around the world. This is partly due to the use of manual strata monitoring techniques which often provide outdated and inaccurate data, creating significant risks to employees. In short, utilising a manual telltale device may not always flag a danger to workers in good time.

This eBook discusses how companies can tailor the use of safety systems and improve mining environments without incurring unnecessary costs. The value of remote strata control monitoring lies in improving safety and radically reducing the losses associated with productivity and downtime. And that’s not all – providing real-time information also allows ROI to be delivered within months.

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How to reduce injury and incident reports by 65%

Early identification of problem areas

The benefits of using intelligent strata monitoring

The flaws of relying on manual strata telltale readings

Leveraging better information to improve mine planning

How to boost mine-efficiency by up to 40%

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