Whether it is the petrochemicals, mining, automotive or construction industry, every organisation is continually focused on improving efficiency and making effective use of financial resources. Regulations are also frequently evolving with a growing shift towards tracking individual employee well-being.

Highly regulated industries may have significant and ostensibly inflexible budgets, meaning that there are only a few options to control expenditure. Short cuts are simply not an option when it comes to workplace safety and legislative compliance. The cost of protecting the workforce is not just associated with the initial-up front investment but the price of replaceable consumables. Are these costs justified?

This eBook compares the initial cost of purchase for gas detection systems used in hazardous environments with the total cost of ownership across the entire lifecycle. This includes the price of consumables and reveals significant differences in end to end costs. By the end, you will have a good understanding of how a single, multi-environment solution can provide significant cost reductions whilst driving up productivity and safety.

Download our eBook to learn more about:

Proactively future-proofing your business and ensuring worker safety

Minimising employee downtime and getting a return on investment

The total cost of gas detection system ownership

Legislative compliance and complex multi-gas environments

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