Over half a million workers still die every year from the impact of hazardous dust and one-third of all deaths in mining are still caused by rock fall fatalities. This is clearly unacceptable in a modern working environment.

Organisations are struggling to balance workforce safety with operational performance and productivity in complex, hazardous environments. With the regulatory push to focus on long-term employee health, the arrival of affordable intelligent devices and real-time information is set to transform mining and industrial areas in the coming years.

This eBook discusses important hazardous and mining trends in 2018, including the development of the latest generation of intelligent strata monitoring devices, dust monitoring and fibre optic connectors and their importance in improving worker safety and productivity.

Download our eBook and find out more about the following:

Understanding the risks to worker health in hazardous surroundings

The importance of employee education to improve efficiency and safety

Achieving employee well-being and creating a consistently safe environment

Tackling hazards using real-time dust and strata monitoring, fibre optic connectors and intelligent technology

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