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Don’t just take our word for it, browse the PR archives to see what others in the safety technology industry have been saying about the Air XD dust monitor.  

If you’re looking for more in-depth examples of what these dust monitoring systems are capable of, take a look at our collection of case studies to see how the Air XD functions in a variety of environments. 



Trolex-07849Air XD: The New Generation of Particulate Monitors

Air XD from Trolex simultaneously monitors for dust across the full spectrum of harmful particulates, is highly accurate even when operating in heavy dust loads, and has no filters and no pump and so requires servicing only every 6-12 months. It’s the new generation of particulate monitors and it’s available from Trolex and its global network of distribution partners.


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Trolex-08053 (1)

Air XD: Providing Rapid ROI For Businesses 

The Air XD Dust Monitor’s primary purpose is to protect workers in hazardous industries from harmful particulates, however the incredibly accurate, real-time data provided by the units can also provide a rapid ROI for businesses in addition to saving lives and reducing the risks of illnesses and disease.


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Trolex-08168-1Air XD: A Dust Monitor That Can Handle Dust

Air XD sets the standard for dust monitors around the world – it’s the first of its kind that retains a high level of accuracy and reliability, even in heavy dust concentrations - typically, around 10 times higher than any competitor model (up to 1500mg/m3). 


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