As specialists in robust, intelligent and rapidly deployable industrial safety solutions for harsh and hazardous industrial environments, we provide safety technology to help organisations protect workers and assets, ensure compliance, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Our range of industrial safety solutions includes gas detection, tunnel environment and tunnel boring machine monitoring, wireless personnel tracking and the world’s first real-time, continuous and full-spectrum dust monitor for hazardous applications – and the first particulate monitor that needs no filters or pump.

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With safety technology designed to operate in harsh and hazardous environments without loss in performance, our industrial safety solutions are used to protect some of the world’s largest and most valuable plants and machinery.
We specialise in highly reliable, easy to use and low maintenance industrial safety systems and solutions, which is why we ensure our products can be rapidly deployed into your operation to improve worker safety and minimise downtime.  

Real-time particulate monitoring

Using lab-grade precision laser technology, our particulate monitoring systems can operate in dust loads of 1500mg/m3. – that’s ten times the dust loading of typical competitor units – and are five times more accurate than comparable dust monitoring technologies. Each particulate monitor can instantly measure and classify the size of multiple particulates in real time, producing 10,000 samples every second within a range of 0.35µm and 40µm. These particulate monitoring systems have no filters or pumps, dramatically improving reliability and reducing the costs of maintenance. They also come with a bespoke software package or can be fed into an existing SCADA interface for greater control and visibility.
Our particulate monitoring systems are IECEx certified for Group I hazardous locations in underground mining, and we also offer a general purpose dust monitor for use in industrial locations with non-explosive atmospheres.
With our particulate monitoring systems, organisations can monitor and process construction dust levels in real time and, as the data is timestamped, understand when and where emissions are occurring. This information will enable them to not only identify if emissions are linked to a process, or a cycle within a process, but also to determine when dust suppression systems or extraction systems should be activated, allowing for preventative measures, greater control and reduced costs.


Smart gas detection

For operations in hazardous toxic and explosive environments, we provide robust industrial gas detection systems, as well as portable and transportable units for personnel protection. Our wireless, fixed and transportable safety technology systems incorporate our signature ‘eModules’ which allow sensors to be calibrated in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional gas detection sensors. Each system can be integrated into existing infrastructure as either fixed or wireless elements, allowing organisations to create a comprehensive gas detection network from a single supplier.


Tunnel environment and machine monitoring

Alongside particulate monitoring and industrial gas detection, we also provide real-time tunnel environment monitoring and machine monitoring, both of which can be used for local monitoring and control or for relay to a central control room. Also, for tunnel boring machine operations, we have completely modular industrial safety solutions that range from simple SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) compliant integrated gas detection systems, through to predictive maintenance and monitoring systems.

Using this safety technology, organisations can monitor tunnel conditions – humidity, gas, dust, airflow – and the status of tunnel boring machines for predictive maintenance.

Case Studies

Mineral Processing thumbnail

Particulate Monitoring -  Mineral Processing Trial Review

Trolex’s Air XD was trialled at a mineral processing site involved in refining and packing crystalline silica and enabled the customer to monitor their milling process where respirable crystalline silica dust (RCS) was generated.

Mineral Additives thumbnail

Remote Particulate Monitoring – Identifying a Process leakage

Learn how real-time monitoring of the particulates generated by the milling process has enabled effective remote detection of process leaks, allowing this customer to protect their personnel.

Pigment Manufacturing Industry thumbnail

Process Control Particulate Monitoring in the Pigment Manufacturing Industry

Find out how the Air XD particulate monitor integrated with this customer's existing process and construction dust control measures to allow much tighter control of the pigment production process.


Our Industrial Safety Solutions

Particulate Monitoring, Industrial Safety Solutions, Safety Technology


Highly accurate measurement safety technology that brings lab-grade precision to a field-ready particulate monitor.

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Dust Suppression Systems, Dust Suppression, Industrial Safety Solutions


Intelligent and fully automated dust suppression systems with real-time data of construction dust levels.

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Wireless Gas Detection, Sentro detection, Industrial Safety Solutions, Safety Technology


A truly wireless and expandable mine and industrial gas detection solution for mining safety.

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Fixed Gas Detection, Industrial Safety Solutions, Industrial Safety Technology


Industrial safety solutions in the form of highly flexible, rapidly deployable, multi-parameter fixed gas detection systems.

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Tunnel Monitoring Systems, Industrial Safety Solutions, Industrial Safety Technology


We specialise in flexible, rapidly deployable, multi-parameter environmental monitoring and control systems using the best safety technology in the industry.

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Tunnel Boring Machine Monitoring, Industrial Safety Solutions, Industrial Safety Technology


Our machine monitoring industrial safety solutions are the protective force behind many of the world's leading TBM manufacturers. 

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TX3706 Falcon Series Connectors

The world’s fastest assembly – making-off times have been reduced from hours to a matter of just a few minutes – and most robust Ex Connector leads the way in safety technology for the industrial sector.


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Forty-seven percent of employers think that employee wellbeing has a direct impact on their business performance – especially in hazardous industries. But what can your organisation do to proactively reduce long-term health issues in hazardous environments and gas and dust inhalation? Download our eBook, Changing the Emphasis from Worker Safety to Health, to find out more:

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