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A truly wireless gas detector powered by the Strata CommTrac network, with 45 days battery life.

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The heart of our wireless gas, airflow and personnel tracking system
- powered by Strata.

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The world’s most accurate, reliable and rapidly deployable wireless gas detection system, Sentro Wireless brings you incredible flexibility and ease of maintenance, creating a truly modern wireless gas detection system. Combining highly-accurate detection of toxic gases and explosive atmospheres, with long battery life and rapid calibration, the Sentro Wireless Gas Detection system offers an all-encompassing gas detection solution – which can be integrated at any point in remote mining and industrial operations to protect your personnel.

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At Trolex, we do gas detection better – and our Sentro Gas Detection solution reflects that. The Sentro Gas Detection system is a truly wireless and expandable, harsh and hazardous area gas detection solution – with no power or communications cabling required at any point in the topology of the system, allowing you to deploy it wherever you need to. The entire sentro gas detection system is battery-powered and consists of only 2 elements: the wireless sensors and the wireless nodes. Both the sensors and nodes are simply hung or mounted in convenient locations, allowing an entire gas detection system to be installed and commissioned in a matter of a few hours. The Sentro Wireless Gas Detection System is unrivalled in the market in its capability to deliver a reliable signal over long distances. Suitable for mine gas detection, tunnel gas detection, offshore and onshore gas detection and most harsh industrial environments.

Proven and established in applications and operations around the world, the sentro wireless gas detection system is a simple, highly reliable, cost effective harsh environment gas detector solution. As an expandable application, The Sentro Wireless mine gas detectors,  tunnel gas detectors and offshore gas detectors can be combined with either the Strata CommTrac or with standard Wi-Fi installations to provide integrated gas detection, personnel tracking and communications systems.


Wireless gas sensors have 45 days of battery life, even with IR cells
Rapidly deployable battery powered wireless nodes and gas sensors which can be simply hung or mounted in convenient locations
CommTrac nodes with guaranteed 10 months battery life
Operates at typical distances of more than 5km in open territory and 1km in built-up or underground environments


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