Are you being over-charged for your replacement gas cells?

A major challenge for organisations operating in hazardous industries is to acquire gas detection solutions, that are not only sophisticated and robust, but affordable over the operational lifetime.

Most suppliers of gas detection devices offer units at a low purchase price, and then mark up the cost of the replacement gas detection cells by as much as 1000%. We don’t think this is a fair deal. And we don’t think responsible companies should be using safety critical components as a profit opportunity.

At Trolex, we've reduced the cost of replacement cells by 70 to 80% compared to our competitors, and typically reduced the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the detector by up to 80%.


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The GasHawk Guarantee

Over a typical six-year lifespan, the cost of replacement cells for your portable gas detection devices could be six or seven times that of the purchase price of the unit due to the high mark-ups being applied by suppliers.

Replacement cells for our GasHawk unit are typically supplied at 70 to 80% lower costs than our competitors – prices that are guaranteed for the lifetime of your product. In addition to this for applications with five or six gases, GasHawk is often 50-75% lower purchase price than comparable units from other manufacturers.


These are the facts:

- Our GasHawk replacement cells are 70-80% cheaper compared to many of our competitors
- For 5/6 gas applications the GasHawk unit is 50-75% cheaper than other comparable units from other manufacturers
- GasHawk can reduce your cost of ownership by up to 80% 

Gas Detection - Cost of Ownership

All replacement cells with the GasHawk Personal Gas Detector are included in the offer:

  • O2
  • CO2
  • CO
  • CH4
  • H2S
  • LEL
  • CL2
  • NO2
  • NO
  • CH4/CO2

Other gas cells can be included at your request.

For a quotation on GasHawk Personal Gas Detector and our replacement cell costs please contact our sales department here.

GasHawk - Understanding the cost of gas detection systems in hazardous industries


The cost of consumables for businesses operating in hazardous environments often dominates annual expenditure. But there’s a new way of thinking that enables you to significantly reduce these costs and optimise safety standards. Download our eBook to find out more:


TX7000 GasHawk Personal Gas Monitor

Everything we’ve learned in 60 years of serving hazardous industries goes into our products. That’s why GasHawk is tough, reliable and easy to use – and delivered at a cost that allows you to give your people the best protection available at honest prices.

GasHawk delivers over 12 hours of battery life even with IR sensors operating, features hot-swap battery technology allowing batteries to be quickly changed in the hazardous area, and contactless charging to prevent corrosion and charge failure.

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