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Intelligent standardised gas sensing
modules to cover a range
of toxic and flammable gases.

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This integrated, multi-use multi-gas SensorStation - with intelligent, interchangeable sensing modules - brings together an array of accredited hazardous-area technologies.

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Protect personnel in the event of a crisis or compromised working environment through our fully-flexible and scalable refuge chamber monitoring solutions, applicable in both harsh and hazardous mine or industrial operations. Quickly evaluate conditions in compromised mine or industrial environments and provide surface/rescue personnel and operators in refuge chambers with vital information concerning the situation both inside and outside.

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At Trolex, we offer both portable and fixed installation solutions for refuge chamber monitoring, providing a fully flexible, configurable and scalable solution to suit your safety needs and regulatory requirements.

For portable applications, we’ve developed our Sentry Portable Refuge Chamber Monitor, which is a battery-powered, single-unit solution that can monitor 5 gases simultaneously both inside and outside of the chamber. In addition, it can also monitor temperature, humidity and pressure – and all of this information is delivered in real-time. The units themselves can operate continuously for over 100 hours thanks to their battery life and have an approved six month calibration interval.

For fixed applications, we provide fully bespoke refuge chamber monitoring products, created in line with the individual requirements of our customers. Our refuge chamber monitoring devices can be combined with a Strata CO2 scrubber to improve air quality, as well as cooling systems, to provide a fully comprehensive refuge chamber safety package. Incorporated into our bespoke refuge chamber monitoring solutions is the Sentro 8 multi-gas detector, which can simultaneously monitor the concentration of up to 8 gases, delivering comprehensive real-time monitoring.

We offer a diverse range of fixed and/or compact, portable refuge chamber monitoring solutions, all of which are completely expandable to meet the demands of your mining operation. The data collected by our refuge chamber monitoring solutions are displayed in real-time, so miners know when it is safe to leave the refuge chamber. Our solutions are rapidly deployable, requiring no extensive configuration and capable of being integrated into a SCADA system for local and remote control.


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