• Trolex Brand Values
    We're more than just a provider of safety technology.


    years supplying safety technology to workers in challenging environments

We’re more than just a leading provider of safety technology solutions. The cutting-edge products we develop are only made possible by our people, workplace culture and brand values.
For us, ensuring our company is a great place to work, a part of the local community and that it protects people from harm is just as important as being financially successful.

Our five brand values

Trolex is built on five key values

1 To be a stable and profitable private organisation, free from the influence of external shareholders;
2 To be a source for good in the world; environmentally and socially responsible, with high standards of business ethics and honesty;
3 To ensure every person in the company shares in our success, whether through personal development, an outstanding work/life balance, or improved remuneration;
4 To improve the world with new ideas and through the introduction of innovative safety technology, systems and processes;
5 To communicate simply, precisely and honestly with each other and the outside world.

Our Brand Personality

Whether we're developing a new product, communicating with employees or customers or designing a physical space, the following personality traits are considered and reflected in all of our decisions:

We are...

Fiercely independent
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Our Brand Book & Identity Guidelines
If you want to find out more about the Trolex brand, we'll soon be adding a link here to download our Brand Book.