Monitor and protect your personnel from hazardous dust particles and fine dust emitted into the atmosphere, through our highly advanced, real-time and incredibly accurate dust detection sensors. The first of their kind, our new dust detection sensors are built to operate flawlessly in harsh and hazardous industrial and mining operations, and to form part of an advanced dust control strategy. Our dust detection sensors ensure that your people are properly protected and that permitted exposure levels are never exceeded, protecting both your personnel and your business in an increasingly legislated scenario.

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Through the development of the world’s most advanced dust sensor technology and through supporting the deployment of sophisticated dust detection systems, our mission at Trolex is to contribute to the reduction and eventual elimination of deaths and diseases related to dust inhalation in the workplace.
With current estimates indicating that nearly half a million people a year are dying from (and countless more suffering the effects of) diseases related to the inhalation of hazardous respirable dust in the workplace, there is a global move towards increasingly tight regulation – and developing a legal framework that recognises the scale of the problem related to dust.

For the first time, we are able to offer real-time, highly accurate continuous dust monitoring that requires no pumps or filters and utilises our patented dust sensor technology. Our dust detection sensors can operate independently as warning devices, or as part of a dust-suppression-on-demand system, facilitating a smart system of worker protection and deployment of dust-suppression collateral. In addition, our dust monitoring systems can be combined with a wide range of wireless, portable and transportable gas detection packages, as well as machine, pump, ventilation and general condition and environmental monitoring systems to give you a complete safety and efficiency control scenario.
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