Air XD

The next-generation particulate monitor. A real-time highly accurate, full spectrum dust monitor capable of handling dust loads of up to 1500mg/m3 (that’s a lot!)

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Trolex will help you protect your workforce, reduce costs, improve process efficiency and reduce downtime through the provision of highly accurate, full-spectrum, real-time information on the presence of hazardous particulates in your operation.

Exposure to dust in the workplace is a major health hazard, resulting in a wide range of issues - from the relatively minor such as itchy eyes and sore throats, to the potentially fatal such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer and heart disease. Over ½ million deaths a year are attributed to particulate inhalation in the workplace, making it the single biggest threat to human health in the working environment.

Our Air X range of monitors represent a technological leap forward in the fight to prevent these diseases and to provide businesses with the ability to respond to and manage the dust environment in their operation.

The intelligent deployment of dust suppression collateral, rapid identification of process inefficiencies, and the ability to advise staff when and where to utilise personal protective equipment, means that the Air X range of particulate monitors go far beyond the protection of human health - making this technology an essential component of an efficient, low-cost, fast-paced industrial process operation.

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Using a unique algorithm and lab-grade precision laser technology, our particulate monitoring systems can measure particulate matter (PM) sizes ranging from 0.35μm – 40μm (including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10 and TSP) and capture 10,000 samples every second. Our systems are up to five times more accurate than the industry standard model and provide you with the data necessary to protect your people, processes and the environment.
Each system comes with a bespoke software package for data analysis and can be linked to a SCADA system or dust suppression system to provide operation-wide monitoring and on-demand dust management.
Our particulate monitoring systems are IECEx certified for Group I hazardous locations in underground mining (we also provide a general-purpose variant for non-explosive environments), low maintenance and highly reliable, making them suitable for use in the world’s toughest environments.
With our real-time particulate monitoring systems, you can advance particulate monitoring significantly, helping to improve worker health and safety, and develop a more robust approach to particulate management.

Case Studies


Highly accurate remote monitoring leads to improved processes

One of the UK’s largest construction material manufacturers reports full return on ROI within six months, after implementation of Air XD and remote monitoring.

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Instant alerts improve processes, save product and increase productivity

Mineral processing specialist implements tailored Air XD units along milling process, leading to instant leak detection, improving productivity, ROI and worker safety

Case Study 3

Improvements to particulate monitoring process with highly accurate data

 Specialist in refining crystalline silica improves worker safety with unrivalled accuracy of Air XD particulate monitoring data, resulting in full compliance with legislation

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