Through our partnerships with the leading global providers of dust management technology, we deliver highly intelligent and fully automated dust suppression systems that provide greater control, reduce costs and improve worker safety.

Incorporating our real-time and continuous full-spectrum Air XD dust monitor – the first of its kind – dust suppression systems can access up-to-the-minute information to identify and categorise dust levels, enabling them to respond accordingly and to maximum effect.

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Despite the dangers of dust being well known, over 12,000 workers in the UK die each year because of past exposure to dangerously high dust levels in hazardous environments.

Most dust suppression systems aren’t capable of intelligently understanding and responding to dangerous dust levels, because the monitoring technology they use is outdated and unreliable and is incapable of providing an accurate real-time picture of the hazards present.

Through the integration of our intelligent, real-time dust monitor, dust suppression systems – whether water, lubricant or foam based – can exercise greater control over dust management and intelligently automate dust suppression, reducing the reliance on personnel and enabling significant cost-savings by switching the system off when it is not required.

The availability of up-to-the-minute, highly accurate information is a critical factor in the effectiveness of dust suppression, ensuring compliance and helping to improve worker safety.

Using our systems, you can improve dust management across your operation significantly and protect your workers, machinery and assets from dangerously high levels of dust, whilst improving your process efficiency and reducing costs.

Our Products


Air XD Dust Monitor

The next-generation particulate monitor. A real-time highly accurate, full spectrum dust monitor capable of handling dust loads of up to 1500mg/m3

(that’s a lot!

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Intelligent dust suppression systems providing up-to-the-minute information
Identify and categorise dust levels so that the system responds appropriately
Highly accurate, continuous readings across the entire dust spectrum
Increase personnel safety and satisfy regulators with a simple alarm-based system

Case Studies


Highly accurate remote monitoring leads to improved processes

One of the UK’s largest construction material manufacturers reports full return on ROI within six months, after implementation of Air XD and remote monitoring.

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Instant alerts improve processes, save product and increase productivity

 Mineral processing specialist implements tailored Air XD units along milling process, leading to instant leak detection, improving productivity, ROI and worker safety

Case Study 3

Improvements to particulate monitoring process with highly accurate data

 Specialist in refining crystalline silica improves worker safety with unrivalled accuracy of Air XD particulate monitoring data, resulting in full compliance with legislation.


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Particulate monitoring in harsh and hazardous environments


The risk of toxic airborne particulates for workers in the industrial sector is not a new one. But why are organisations still struggling to implement adequate protective measures? We reveal why standard particulate monitoring methods are flawed and the importance of achieving continuous, real-time monitoring to proactively manage the wellbeing of your workforce.

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