Easy-to-use, rapid assembly, durable and flexible, our Ex Connectors are the most reliable and efficient Ex Connectors on the market today. Featuring live disconnect and reconnect of equipment under power, extreme durability in the harshest and most hazardous of industrial or mining environments, and the fastest assembly time on the market, our Ex Connectors give you uncomplicated connections you can really trust.

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Our Ex Connectors are the most easy-to-use and robust Zone 1-rated (Europe), ATEX & IECEX approved products of their kind on the market today and are suitable for applications in Oil and Gas, process plants, mines, tunnels and other hazardous areas or harsh and hazardous non-explosive applications.

Our Ex Connectors incorporate by far the fastest and simplest assembly procedure of any Ex Connectors available. With a fast, safe, robust and repeatable connect/disconnect system, our Ex Connectors facilitate rapid service and maintenance, fast hook-up of temporary or permanent equipment and live disconnect even with power applied.

Also, our Ex Connectors have been designed for purpose in close consultation with the world’s leading users and distributors of Ex Connectors; which is why they are stronger, safer and easier to assemble than any other product on the market today, and are now available worldwide through our partner network, providing you with uncomplicated connections you can really trust.

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Engineered-for-purpose to save you time and money by providing the world’s fastest and most robust hot-disconnect and making-off times.

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Extremely robust, high-quality, multi pin connectors suitable for heavy-duty hazardous area applications.

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TX3706 Falcon Series Connectors

Provides the fastest and most robust hot-disconnect and making-off times.

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