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TX3706 FALCON 25

Engineered-for-purpose to save you time and money by providing the world’s fastest and most robust hot-disconnect and making-off times.

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TX3740 Falcon 40 Connector

TX3740 FALCON 40

High capacity Ex Connector for multi-way control circuits and power distribution. Live disconnect capability and up to 37 contacts.

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TX3706.4 FALCON 25

USB data collection and storage in a rugged Ex Flashdrive housing. Connects to a pre-wired Falcon receptacle.

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Carrying premium quality expanded beam optical fibre connectors with 2,4 or 8 single or multi-mode channels for high speed, high density data transfer applications.

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Disconnecting and connecting components and machinery throughout your operation doesn’t have to be a complex and unnecessarily time-consuming process. Our Falcon Series Ex Connectors offer incredibly rapid assembly and a simple ‘plug-in’ and ‘plug-out’ connection.

This drastically reduces downtime and removes the need for powering down of key components - minimising reductions in productivity associated with maintenance and redeployment activities.

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At Trolex, we specialise in durable, simple connect/disconnect, rapid-assembly connector solutions – and deliver the most easy-to-use, industry accredited Ex connectors on the market, our Falcon Series.

Our Falcon Series Ex connectors provide you with an Ex d connector that makes your life easier. Engineered for purpose and utilising a rear-loading assembly system, our Falcon Series connectors can be assembled in a matter of minutes, as opposed to a number of hours, and can be safely disconnected with live power under Ex protection, making them an essential connector for your oil & gas, mining or hazardous industrial operations. Our Falcon Series connectors are incredibly durable and designed for hazardous environments and heavy-duty applications, meaning you don’t have to worry about impaired cable functions due to damage and you can pursue your operations without worry.

With our Falcon Series Ex connectors you no longer have to bring operations to a halt. Connect and disconnect machine assets instantaneously with confidence, drastically reducing down-time and bringing renewed efficiency to your operations.

Our range of Falcon Series connectors includes standard, protective earth and pilot circuit interlocking pin units, box-mounted Ex connectors and flash drive Ex connectors, and will soon include the world’s leading ethernet, fibre-optic and hybrid Ex connector – all available in stainless steel and aluminium.


Download our brochure for more information on the Falcon Series Ex Connectors.

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