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TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 Ex CONNECTORS

Extremely robust, high-quality, multi pin connectors suitable for heavy-duty hazardous area applications.

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High integrity, robust, explosion-proof connectors suitable for heavy-duty hazardous area applications. 

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Utilising a simple ‘plug-in’ and ‘plug-out’ connection process, while still delivering continuous power, our range of Ex Connectors are designed to reduce downtime associated with the disconnection and connection of critical machinery and components in your mining or industrial operation. Easily assembled, durable and high-quality, our ex connectors provide you with connections you can trust.

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Alongside our industry leading Falcon Series Ex connectors, we have designed a series of extremely robust, versatile and high-quality multi-pin connectors, the Trolex 3700 Series Ex Connectors. Suitable for heavy duty applications, hazardous and harsh environments, oil and gas operations, mining operations, offshore applications and explosive operations; our 3700 Series Ex Connectors offer excellent durability and superior connectivity thanks to their design.

Firstly, we have our TX3704/TX3705 connectors, designed for extra heavy-duty and critical applications, they are tremendously strong and resilient and feature a rapid connect/disconnect control for equipment installation and removal.

Secondly, we have our TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 connectors, suitable for heavy duty, hazardous area applications, they are able to tolerate the hard knocks of day-to-day use in extreme operating conditions.

Our connections are superior due to their unique method of rugged construction and simple design. Assembly takes minutes, rather than hours and the main components are easily interchangeable, allowing you to utilise a variety of connector formats, connect components under live power and rapidly disconnect devices and/or machinery.


TX3706 Falcon Series Connectors

Provides the fastest and most robust hot-disconnect and making-off times.

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