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Our truly wireless Sentro Gas Detection System and our range of Wi-fi enabled gas detectors

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A comprehensive range of high-quality, ultra-reliable hazardous area single and multiple gas detection products

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Reliable and instant detection of toxic and flammable gases is critical to the safety and efficiency of harsh and hazardous industrial and mining operations. Protecting workers and the public from harm, managing your assets productively, and improving decision-making in safety-critical incidents, is achieved through a flexible and comprehensive gas detection solution that may include wireless, portable or fixed gas detection equipment.

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At Trolex, we specialise in the rapid and flexible deployment of low maintenance, low infrastructure, intelligent, fixed, portable and truly wireless gas detection equipment that is always engineered with the user in mind.

At the heart of our wireless and fixed gas detection range is the Trolex eModule, which allows the calibration of sensors in a fraction of the time it takes to calibrate other gas detectors. With intelligent plug-in sensing modules for on-board gas detection or remote sensor connections (rModules), the Trolex eModules can be substituted at any time with a replacement module. Each eModule retains its calibration data, the condition of the gas sensing element and its service history. Furthermore, information captured by our eModules can be easily extracted for data analysis using an RS485 interface and PC application – providing you with greater insights regarding the presence or absence of gases in your operations.

The Trolex e-module is one of the many life-saving and cost-saving innovations that separate us from the crowd.

Our innovative gas detection equipment is deployed in over 100 countries by some of the world’s leading corporations to protect their people and their assets and to maximise their productivity and efficiency. They work with us because we have over 60 years history of delivering high quality, flexible solutions for safety critical applications in the harshest and most hazardous industrial environments on the planet.


TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless Gas Detector

The TX6355 Sentro Wireless is a truly wireless gas detector.

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