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Highly accurate but low-cost monitoring of rock movements in mines and tunnels.

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Rugged and robust instrumented rockbolts with the option of multiple strain gauge pairs.

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State-of-the-art camera technology for the borehole inspection and data logging.

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Comprehensive strata control and monitoring instruments form the backbone of your mining and tunnelling operation. At RMT | Trolex, we manufacture and supply a full array of strata control and monitoring instruments to help you manage your structural environment in potentially hazardous locations. Our solutions will enable you to radically improve operational productivity and employee safety - typically boosting mine-efficiency by up to 40%, and reducing health and safety incidents by over 65%.

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At Trolex, we provide the world’s most advanced range of strata control and monitoring instruments, allowing you to maximise safety in hazardous underground environments whilst reducing the costs associated with deploying ground control and support collateral in mines and tunnels.
We offer bespoke solutions for a range of mining operations including; longwall, room & pillar, and hard rock, providing integrated packages of strata monitoring instruments, and working with our preferred global partners where specialist geotechnical consultancy and project planning is also required.
Our range of strata control and monitoring instruments includes; electronic telltales, instrumented rockbolts, sonic extensometers, and borehole cameras to provide a complete underground safety solution.
Our instruments are industry recognised as the highest quality strata control and monitoring systems in the world – with independent studies showing that a deployed RMT | Trolex strata control and monitoring system can improve productivity in your mine by over 40%, whilst reducing safety incidents by up to 65%, and reducing spend on support collateral by 49%. Return on investment in the study was within two months of deployment.


RRTX - Electronic telltale system for up to 400 instruments providing a low-cost mine-wide strata-monitoring solution
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