The TX5001/2/3 RockMonitor XR is a fully remote and highly accurate strata monitoring system that provides continuous, real-time data delivery.

An independent study found that organisations using a mine-wide remote strata monitoring system have increased productivity by 40%, reduced health and safety incidents by 65% and minimised the deployment of support collateral.

The RockMonitor XR system provides:

  • Comprehensive, highly accurate and real-time strata monitoring
  • Mine-wide strata monitoring (the controller supports up to 150 telltales and can monitor up to six kilometres of tunnel in a single network)
  • Easy plug-and-play installation and quick reset

The XR system consists of three components – the TX5001 RockMonitor XR Telltale, the TX5002 RockMonitor XR Controller, and the TX5003 RockMonitor XR Reader.

Leveraging advanced firmware algorithms and diagnostics, the RockMonitor XR Telltale delivers comprehensive, real-time data on strata conditions, protecting both your people and your assets and improving the efficiency of your mine operations.

It’s easy to read, install and reset, and uses a robust, high-quality design suitable for harsh and hazardous environments.

One TX5002 RockMonitor XR Controller can support up to 150 telltales. Each telltale sends data on strata movements from the mine to the surface in real-time. It supports RS485 and/or Ethernet output, allowing information to be sent from the mine to anywhere on the surface utilising existing comms backbones.  

Using the RockMonitor XR, your organisation can drastically improve protection of both people and assets and enhance roof support by applying any necessary action based on accurate, real-time strata information.

Being able to accurately monitor the strata within mining environments without human involvement, organisations can reduce the risk of health and safety incidents, increase operational productivity and generate greater return on investment (ROI).

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> P5625.1600_E RockMonitor XR System Manual

> P5625.1603_A RockMonitor Order Sheet

> P5625.1604_A RockMonitor XR Installation Guide

> P5625.1606_C RockMonitor XR Portable Reader UM

> P5625.1607_A - RockMonitor XM Telltale UM



TX5001 RockMonitor XR Telltale - ATEX Certificate (TUV 19 ATEX 8457 X Issue 0)

TX5002 RockMonitor XR Controller - ATEX Certificate (TUV 19 ATEX 8458 X Issue 0)

TX5003 RockMonitor XR Reader - ATEX Certificate (TUV 19 ATEX 8459 X Issue 0)

TX5001-3 RockMonitor XR - ATEX System Certificate (TUV 19 ATEX 8460 X Issue 0)

TX5001 RockMonitor XR Telltale - IECEx certificate (IECEx ExTC 18.0022X Issue 1)

TX5002 RockMonitor XR Controller - IECEx certificate (IECEx ExTC 18.0030X Issue 1)

TX5003 RockMonitor XR Reader - IECEx certificate (IECEx ExTC 18.0031X Issue 1)

TX5001-3 RockMonitor XR - IECEx System Certificate (IECEx ExTC 19.0008X Issue 0)

TX5001-2-3 RockMonitor XR System - Eurasian Customs Union Ex-certificate (RU C-GB.AA87.B.0042520)

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