The TX5010 RockMonitor XA is an auto-warning telltale with bright LEDs which immediately flash to warn of excessive movement occurring in a rock-bolted mine or tunnel.

With the RockMonitor XA, you have:
  • Immediate warning of any rock movement
  • High-visibility LED warning lights
  • A robust device designed for challenging environments

If rock movement exceeds the defined threshold (which can be configured as required), two high-intensity flashing LED lights activate on the RockMonitor XA, putting the device in alarm mode and providing a highly visible warning.

These LEDs will continue to flash whilst the indicator shows more than the threshold level until the battery is exhausted – which is at least three weeks.

When not in alarm mode the RockMonitor XA consumes zero power, therefore requiring minimal service and maintenance. This means it can be active and successfully operate for several years before needing to be replaced.

The product has been designed to be both robust and resilient, making it suitable for dynamic mining and tunnel construction operations, such as pillar extraction, or for use in low-visibility areas.

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RockMonitor AutoTellTale


High-visibility LED warning lights which flash if rock movement exceeds set threshold
Adjustable warning threshold for rock movement
Highly robust with high-grade stainless steel wire
Accurate to 0.5mm of roof dilation
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