The TX5020 RockMonitor XM is a low-cost, reliable and rugged strata monitoring device that provides clear and accurate at-a-glance information on roof movement.

The RockMonitor XM provides:

  • Low-cost and rugged strata monitoring
  • Highly accurate, at-a-glance information on rock movement and displacement
  • Colour banded indicators for quick assessment of rock movement

Highly visible and easy to install, the RockMonitor XM can be deployed in a mine or tunnel and uses reflective colour bands to indicate roof movement. The visual millimetre scales provide highly accurate monitoring of strata movement trends over time.

The units have been designed and built to provide exceptional in-hole stability and water diversion, to ensure reliable and precise information is displayed at all times.

The TX5020 RockMonitor XM is also available as a triple-height version, with longer tendons, and as a cable-bolt version with longer anchor wires.

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