The Trolex RockMonitor XM is a mechanical extensometer designed to monitor the condition of roofbolted underground roadway or cut-through strata. It offers a fully mechanical solution for measuring displacement of tunnel strata, allowing geotechnical engineers and mine operators to periodically monitor and assess critical information regarding the safety and effectiveness of roadway support structures.

With the RockMonitor XM, you have:
  • Continuous monitoring of strata displacement 
  • Strata displacement measurement up to 150mm (without reset)
  • Resettable height measurement for movement in excess of 150mm 
  • Two or four monitoring points (anchor heights) between 0.6m and 16m 
  • Highly visible display of displacement measurement on-device 
  • Simple and robust installation methodology

Any displacement of the strata occurring within the height of the anchors will cause the body of the RockMonitor XM Telltale to move relative to the anchor. The anchor wires connect the anchor points to mechanical measurement units housed within the body of the telltale. Movements are then shown visually ondevice and can be recorded at determined manual reading intervals.

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> TX5021 RockMonitor XM -  User Manual

> TX5021 RockMonitor XM - Installation Sheet



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