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Mining Solutions

Dust Suppression Systems

Machine Command and Monitoring Systems

Mine Monitoring Systems

Mine Ventilation Monitoring

Mining Conveyor Belt Monitoring

Particulate Monitoring

Pump Control Systems

Refuge Chamber and Refuge Room Monitoring

Strata Monitoring Systems

Sentro Wireless Gas Detection Systems

Sentrum Methane Recovery Monitoring Systems


Industrial Solutions

Dust Suppression Systems

Fixed Gas Detection Solutions

Particulate Monitoring

Sentro Wireless Gas Detection Systems

Tunnel Boring Machine Monitoring

Tunnel Monitoring Systems


Tunnelling Solutions

Dust Suppression Systems

Fixed Gas Detection Solutions

Particulate Monitoring

Pump Control Systems

Strata Monitoring Systems

Sentro Wireless Gas Detection Systems

Tunnel Boring Machine Monitoring

Tunnel Monitoring Systems


Oil & Gas Solutions

Falcon Series Ex Connectors



Gas Detection

Wireless Gas Detection

TX6355 Sentro 1 Wireless Gas Detector

TX9999 Commtrac Wireless Node


Portable Gas Detection

TX6377 Sentry Transportable Sensorstation


Fixed Gas Detection

P9000.260 Sentro 1 With Audio Visual Alarm

TX6351/TX6352 Sentro 1 Gas Detector

TX6363 Infra Red Gas Detector

TX6373 Toxic Gas Detector

TX6383 Flammable Gas Detector

TX6400 Sentrum Monitoring System

TX9165 Sentro 8 SensorStation


Us and Them - Low-Cost Consumables


Particulate Monitoring

Air XD TX8005


Ex Connectors

Falcon Series Connectors

TX3706 Falcon Series Connector

TX3740 Falcon 40 Connector

TX3706.4 Falcon 25 Flash Connector

TX3706.6.7.8 Falcon 25 Fibre Connector


TX3700 Series Ex Connectors

TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 Ex Connectors

TX3704/TX3705 Ex Connectors


Strata Monitoring


TXX5001/2/3 RockMonitor XR

TX5010 RockMonitor XA

TX5020 RockMonitor XM


Mining and Industrial Sensors

TX1004/TX1080 Magnetic Proximity Switch

TX1115 Tilt Switch

TX2070 Temperature Sensor

TX5053/TX5054 Deadline Voltage Checker

TX5520 Flexiprobe Position Switch

TX563 Series Vibration Sensor

TX5814 Submersible Level Sensor

TX5830 Insertion Level Switch

TX592 Series Vortex Air/Gas Flow Sensor

TX6023/TX6024 Liquid Flow/Pressure Monitoring Sensor

TX6114 Pressure Sensor

TX6141/TX6143 Pressure Sensor

TX6273/TX6274 Temperature Transmitter

TX6356 Sentro Humidity Sensor


System Technologies


Control and Display

TX2100.03 Commander 3

TX2103 Control Point

TX6831 Audio/Visual Alarm

TX9042 Programmable Sensor Controller

TX9130 Programmable Trip Amplifier

TX9165 Sentro 8 SensorStation



TX2121 RS485 Isolator

TX2122 RS485 Repeater

TX2123 RS485 To Ethernet Adapter

TX2124 Serial To Wi-Fi Ethernet Interface


Mining Power Supplies

TMS4100.030 Ex D/Ex IA 24 V DC Input Power Supply with Battery Backup

TX6620/TX6630 Ex D/Ex I Power Supply

TX6641/TX6642 Ex D/Ex I Power Supply

TX6648/TX6649 Ex EQ/Ex I Power Supply With Battery Backup

TX6661 Ex D/Ex I Isolating Relay Unit




Product Manuals


Trolex Case Studies

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Holec Ridderkirk Transportation Projects

Lafarge Cement

Mineral Processing Trial Review

Process Control for the Pigment Manufacturing Industry

Process leakage identified via remote monitoring


Soko Banja Mine

Ventilation at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 - BAA


Trolex eBooks

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