As a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative safety technology for harsh and hazardous environments, we create tunnel monitoring solutions designed to protect workers and machine assets whilst improving productivity across tunnelling operations.


Our tunnel monitoring solutions include gas detection systems, tunnel boring machine monitoring and state-of-the-art particulate monitoring and dust detection with our Air XD full-spectrum dust monitor for harsh environments – the first real-time continuous particulate monitor without built-in filters or pumps.

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Tunnel Safety Risks
Tunnel construction operations have different safety requirements depending on the site’s geographical environment. These can range from harmful gases, rock burst, water inrush, hazardous construction dust and particulates such as silica dust, to structural collapse and machine failure.
Any of these tunnel safety issues can have a devastating impact on both construction progress and worker safety, making it vital for companies to have bespoke safety technology systems in place to predict and prevent these incidents.

Trolex Tunnel Safety Solutions


To help organisations with tunnel construction safety, we develop reliable, enduring and maintainable tunnel monitoring and safety technology. These solutions include real-time gas detectors, environmental and particulate monitoring and machinery monitoring solutions, all of which work to ensure workforce safety and smooth-running operations.


As our tunnel monitoring and safety solutions are certified to the highest international standards, we have had the privilege of working on the world’s most prestigious tunnelling projects; our tunnel safety solutions were used during the construction of Cross Rail, The Channel Tunnel, LTF France, Paris Metro, Doha Metro, Waterview NZ and Singapore Metro and many more projects around the world. Clients utilising our safety technology include TBM Manufacturers Herrenknecht, Robbins, China Railway and most major civil tunnelling contractors such as Costain, Strabag, Murphys, Balfour Beatty, BMB and many more.


Use of our tunnel monitoring systems enables organisations to drastically improve the operational productivity of tunnel construction whilst ensuring the health and safety of both workers and machine assets. This safety technology is available to a variety of industrial sectors such as rail, power, nuclear and water and are designed to operate at all stages of tunnelling development, from breaking ground to breaking through and beyond.


Particulate monitoring in tunnels


Our unique particulate monitoring system uses lab-grade precision laser technology to accurately and continuously identify multiple hazardous particulates of different sizes  in tunneling operations.  This includes construction dust, cement dust, respirable crystalline silica dust (RSC) – checked in real-time by a dust monitor that delivers incredible accuracy even in heavy dust loads, and which requires no pumps or filters to operate.

Case Studies

Lower Lea Valley Cable Tunnels Thumbnail

Gas Detection - Lower Lea Valley Cable Tunnel

Discover how our gas detection equipment enabled the measurement of critical levels of methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen during the Lower Lea Valley Cable Tunnel project.

Balfour Beatty Case Study Thumbnail

Gas Detection System - Balfour Beatty

Find out how our Sentro 8 integrated gas detection system enabled our client to monitor the level of oxygen, CO, NO and NO2 in the tunnel during its construction.

Crossrail Thumbnail

Environmental Monitoring - CS510 Crossrail

Our fully integrated Sentro 8 SensorStation gas detector was configured to sense for five different gases at set ranges in the Crossrail C510 section. Find out more here.


Our Tunnel Monitoring Solutions

Particulate Monitoring, Tunnel Monitoring, Tunnel Safety Equipment


Highly accurate due monitoring technology that brings lab-grade precision to a field-ready particulate monitor.

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Tunnel Environment Monitoring, Tunnel Monitoring, Tunnel Safety Equipment


We specialise in highly flexible and compact tunnel monitoring systems that provide complete operational visibility in real-time.

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Tunnel Boring Machine Monitoring, Tunnel Monitoring, Tunnel Boring Machine


Our tunnel boring machine safety technology is the protective force behind many of the world's leading TBM manufacturers.

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Fixed Gas Detection, Tunnel Monitoring, Tunnel Safety, Tunnel Equipment, Gas Detector


Highly flexible, rapidly deployable, multi-parameter fixed gas detection systems that utilise state-of-the-art safety technology to aid tunnel monitoring. 

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AI and The Future of Industrial Safety Technologies


The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence are set to transform safety standards in hazardous environments. How can new, innovative monitoring equipment support the new, data driven, real-time management of employee well-being? Download our eBook to find out!

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